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Travel Health advice and appropriate immunisation should form an essential part of planning a trip abroad; especially as holiday risks are not necessarily bigger but often different from those experienced in one's home environment. On holiday even one's behaviour changes and daring and unusual activities are often undertaken.

UNIGLOBE Global Health and Safety program, powered by mPassport is subscription-based access to HTH Worldwide's Global Health and Safety knowledge tools and databases via and These sites give those travelling for leisure, business and study the resources to travel well despite chronic health conditions, common travel-related illnesses and security risks. HTH's proprietary tools are easily accessed through the web and mobile phones. User screens and displays of results are designed to be streamlined, simple and clear.

HTH Worldwide has applied years of its research and experience to develop proprietary global databases of highly-qualified, contracted physicians, dentists and behavioral health providers as well as translations of essential medical terms, phrases and the brand names of common medications. HTH maintains these databases rigorously working with its worldwide network of physician advisors and by applying its state-of-the-art web technology.

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