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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Walking in a SnowstormWinter is on its way and with it comes the sneezing and coughing of flu season. Haven’t we all sat near someone with a sniffle or a nasty cough, in the airport or on the plane? Giving them the evil eye, you look for a seat further away and hold your breath when they cough. Unfortunately those aren’t realistic solutions. So what can you do to stay healthy while on the road?  

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Welcome to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG)
Pairs Charles de Gaulle AirportParis Charles de Gaulle airport is France’s largest airport and the second busiest in Europe, after London’s Heathrow. Named after Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French Forces and founder of the French Fifth Republic, it is also referred to as Roissy airport.
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TSA Wait Times Getting You Down?

Airport Security Check PointWe all know how frustrating it is to line up for hours to get through airport security. Now there’s a new website, WhatsBusy, which can project Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wait times at the top 100 U.S. airports.

Developers spent a year working with the TSA in order to understand things such as checkpoint lane setup, processing times and more. Using real-time data supplied by the TSA and airlines, as well as weather and traffic patterns it is able to predict wait-times with unprecedented accuracy.

Using the site is easy as you simply enter the airport name and the time you plan to arrive and immediately a display shows you the projected wait-times. The display is broken into 30 minute increments and shows wait-times for each individual terminal, as well as being color-coded for easy reading. Green is a 0 – 10 minute wait, yellow is 11 – 20 and red is over 20 minutes.

In addition to projecting wait-times at airports, WhatsBusy also has wait-time data for museums, National Parks and DMVs. Coming soon is information for parking lots and restaurants.

Keep in mind that the site is using analytics to determine its information and you might want to give yourself a little extra time, even if it appears there is no wait.

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Walk Up Alarm Clock

Waiting and Time ConceptGetting out of bed, particularly when on a business trip, may often seem an impossible task. Long days and late nights aren’t conducive to awaking bright and early. And hitting the snooze button repeatedly really isn’t an option when you have early morning meetings.

Now there’s an app that helps you take that first step in the morning. The Walk Up app is an alarm clock that’s impossible to ignore. Using your device’s accelerometer to monitor your movements, the alarm won’t stop blaring until you’ve taken at least ten steps. And you can’t cheat…it can tell if you’re merely shaking your phone rather than taking actual steps.

If you feel that ten steps isn’t enough to ensure you’re awake, you can adjust the number of steps, to a maximum of 100. Select the Evil Mode and you won’t be allowed a snooze button option. The only two included alarm sounds are either a woman or a man screaming – take your pick. There are other jarring options available – such as a witch laughing or police sirens - for an additional cost.

Walk Up is currently one of the top-ten downloaded utilities in the iTunes app store. This free app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The additional sound package is 99 cents. Android users can download a similar free app, Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock from Bazzinga.

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