How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Walking in SnowstormWinter is on its way and with it comes the sneezing and coughing of flu season. Haven’t we all sat near someone with a sniffle or a nasty cough, in the airport or on the plane? Giving them the evil eye, you look for a seat further away and hold your breath when they cough. Unfortunately those aren’t realistic solutions. So what can you do to stay healthy while on the road? Without trying to turn you all into germ-a-phobes, the UNIGLOBE experts offer a few suggestions.

What’s the most effective way to prevent the flu?
As recommended by the Center for Disease Control, getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent having the flu. This vaccine can be administered by your local doctor, walk-in clinic and many pharmacies. If you run out of time prior to traveling, you will also find medical clinics in some of the larger airports in the country, including Chicago O’Hare, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York JFK and Nashville.

What are the greatest risks onboard the airplane?
Surprisingly, the tray table at your seat is one of the most germ-ridden spots on the plane. Carry a pack of sanitizing hand-wipes and wipe it down before using.
Airplane blankets and pillows aren’t always sanitized thoroughly between uses and it’s a good idea to avoid using them. If you absolutely need a pillow, bring one of those blow-up jobs – at least you’ll know that you’re the only one who has used it. Use your jacket as a blanket if it’s too cool onboard.

Avoid using the onboard facilities unless absolutely necessary.

Is your hotel room clean and germ-free?
You should always clean the drinking glasses and ice bucket in your hotel room before using, as the bucket is often not cleaned between guests and the glasses are sometimes washed using the same cloth as that used for cleaning the rest of the room. If you’re really concerned about the cleanliness of the room, use a sanitizing wipe to also clean the alarm clock and the TV remote.

Most importantly wash your hands often and carry some sanitizing wipes with you. You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy.

Your body’s immune system becomes less effective when you travel, due to interrupted sleep patterns and changes in diet. Eating healthy is an important factor in remaining healthy. Check back here in November for our piece on this topic.

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