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Airlines & Airports Strive to Improve Traveler Experience

With the constant changes in air travel conditions - smaller seats with less leg-room, long queues at security and fewer amenities onboard the aircraft - the airline industry is looking to other business models for ideas on how to improve your overall travel experience. What are some ideas they have “borrowed,” which may affect future travel plans?  

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Welcome to London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Singapore AirportLondon Heathrow’s brand-new Terminal 2 – The Queen’s Terminal – opens June 4, 2014. Once open, it will be home to the Star Alliance airlines. United Airlines will be the first airline to operate out of the new terminal, with 25 others moving in over the next six months.
This is part of the overall plan to improve the efficiency of the airport by putting partner airlines together, thus reducing transfer times hugely. Shortly after the new terminal opens, Terminal 1 will close and once it’s demolished in 2016, development of the next phase of Terminal 2 will proceed.

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Delta Innovation Class - A Mentoring Program at 35,000 Feet

Delta has developed their Innovation Class  based on the theory that powerful, intelligent people, who are leaders in their field, travel with them regularly. They’ve decided to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to share a flight with some of these people and experience a mentoring session at 35,000 feet.

The beauty of this program is that most successful people are usually extremely busy and as much as they may wish they had time to share their knowledge and experience with others, they don’t. And even if they had the time, how would they find the appropriate person to mentor? Innovation Class makes it easy.

Delta has selected leaders in business, art and technology - who will be traveling to select events around the globe - and is offering one lucky person per flight, the opportunity to meet them face-to-face in a one-on-one mentoring experience. As a mentee, all you have to do is apply and hope that you’re selected!

Two Innovation Class flights have already occurred. The first was with entrepreneur, Eric Migicovsky, creator of the Pebble Smartwatch and the other was with Sean Brock, James Beard nominated chef. More are planned during the remainder of the year.

Sign up with Delta to be notified about upcoming Innovation Class flights or take this opportunity to suggest a mentor for a future flight.

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Trakdot Luggage

Worried about keeping track of your luggage when you travel? Trakdot Luggage, a state-of-the-art device, now offers you peace of mind, by helping you keep track of your bag, using worldwide location reporting.

Features include:

  • Tracks your luggage anywhere in the world (with a couple of exceptions). Rather than using GPS it uses ground-based cellular telephone technology, allowing it to work even when inside metal containers.
  • Sends notifications to your cell phone. When you land, you receive a text or email telling you that your luggage has arrived with you.
  • Works anywhere your mobile phone works.
  • FCC certified and FAA compliant. It puts itself into ‘sleep’ mode on the plane.
  • It’s small and ultra-lightweight. Measuring 3”x2 ¼”x ¾”, Trakdot runs on AA batteries and can be linked to multiple mobile phones.

The purchase price of $89.99 includes the activation fee, the first year’s annual service fee and shipping and handling.

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