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Airplane Etiquette

You’ve probably read about the incidents recently…three planes have been forced to land when passengers have got into disputes over reclining their seats. Some of the incidents became physical and flight staff felt threatened. A plane having to land unexpectedly is a headache for everyone: it costs the airline thousands of dollars and causes passengers inconvenient delays in their travels.

As this has turned into such a hot topic of debate, the UNIGLOBE experts thought it was time for a refresher on airplane etiquette. 

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John Wayne, Orange County Airport (SNA)
Singapore AirportIn 1923 – only 20 years after the Wright Brothers’ flight - a runway was carved out of a bean field in Santa Ana, CA. This was the origin of the Orange County airport. The runway has since been relocated and an additional runway added, to create today’s modern airport. With 20 commercial and six commuter gates, it is serviced by most major U.S. carriers and sees nine million passengers annually.

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Lost and Found at the Airport

When an airline loses your bags there’s at least a baggage claim attached to it which can be used in tracking the missing item. But what happens to all the items – such as cell phones, passports, clothing, wallets and laptops - that travelers leave behind at airports?

If you lose something at the airport, the obvious answer is to check out the Lost and Found department as soon as you realize it’s missing.  But what if you’ve left the airport before realizing you’ve left something behind?

Although there isn’t yet a standardized method to track and retrieve items left behind by travelers, many airports have begun using a digital claim system to help reunite owners with their missing belongings. Claims can be made from your computer or mobile device 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

One of the latest airports to instigate such a service is Denver. In 2013, this airport saw over 43,000 items left behind in its public areas. The new online claim service has reduced the number of phone calls and emails into the Lost and Found department, allowing the staff to operate more efficiently in matching found items with their owners. Alternatively, you can also file your claim from one of four new kiosks in the airport.

Others such as London Heathrow and Oslo use missingx, a software which specializes in lost and found services. If you’ve been through an airport which uses this service and realize you’ve left something behind, log into their database at to see if your missing item has been found. If you see your property on the database, use the online contact form to begin the matching process. You’ll then pay a service fee and postage to have your item returned to you.

While it may seem an impossible task to find something you’ve lost at an airport, it may be worth taking a few minutes to fill in a form. You never know what’ll turn up.

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StickNFind Stickers

We’ve all misplaced things at one time or another: keys and cell-phones are two things which immediately come to mind. There’s a simple solution available to help you keep track of your belongings and minimize the wasted time and energy spent searching for missing belongings.

StickNFind has created a very small Bluetooth tracking beacon in the form of a sticker, which can be attached to your key chain or stuck to your suitcase or anything else you wish to keep track of. Attach the sticker to your keys, upload the app to your phone, find your sticker on the Radar screen of the app on your phone and track the missing item. Once you start walking you’ll see when you’re getting closer to or further from the missing item. The stickers even have a buzzer and a light so they can be found in the dark.

Packs of StickNFind stickers, in a selection of colors, are available from their online store. Prices range from $49.99 for a packet of two up to $389.99 for 20. The stickers are tiny, about the size of a quarter, and weigh only .15 ounces. StickNFind stickers have a range of approximately 100 feet, and contain a battery which will last up to a year.

The app is available for free from both the iTunes store and Android.

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