InSight Newsletter - May 2015

Insight Newsletter - May 2015

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Changes to the TSA PreCheck Program
TSA PreCheckThere are currently over 1,000,000 travelers enrolled in the TSA PreCheck program. If you’re a loyal member of an airline frequent flyer program who has opted to use the PreCheck lanes in the past, you may already have received notification from your carrier that the rules are about to change and that your access to expedited security will decline.
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Nashville International Airport - BNA
Nashville InternationalAlthough no longer a hub for a major airline, with over 11 million passengers annually, Nashville International Airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in the U.S. It operates 380 flights daily, to more than 50 non-stop markets. Passenger numbers are expected to double over the next 20 years as the airport authority focuses on increasing non-stop destinations as well as adding international flights. Service to Latin America is a high priority.

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American Airlines Discontinues Duty-Free Sales

AA logoThe days of duty-free sales onboard international flights appear to be coming to an end on many North American carriers. With an increase in airport duty-free stores and access to a wide variety of goods on the internet, onboard duty-free sales figures have been steadily declining over the last decade.

American Airlines recently announced that, effective March 20, 2015, it was discontinuing the sale of duty-free items on its international flights. Although the carrier is in the process of removing all duty-free items and catalogues from its aircraft, flyers will continue, for the moment, to find duty-free sales on some US Airways international flights.

This move by American, follows in the footsteps of Delta, which pulled its duty-free sales in August 2014. The other victim of declining sales was the parent company of SkyMall—an inflight catalog carried by numerous airlines—which declared bankruptcy in January 2015.

SkyMall stated that increased internet access onboard flights and competition from mega e-commerce providers, Amazon and eBay, caused passengers to spend time on the internet rather than perusing the SkyMall catalogue. It hopes to “sustain a scaled-down business operation” while a buyer is found for the company.

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Heys Stealth Luggage

Luggage has come a long way, from no wheels, to standard fixed wheels, to multi-directional spinner wheels. And now Heys Luggage has taken it one step further with the introduction of its Stealth luggage with retractable wheels.

Heys Stealth LuggageEach of the four spinner wheels is crafted from lightweight but strong aircraft aluminum, which, with the simple push of a button, retract and collapse into pockets on the bottom corners of the bag’s polycarbonate shell. The design ensures that dirt and moisture don’t get into the suitcase and most importantly, that the wheels can’t snag or catch on anything. The new design also adds approximately 10% more storage space within the bag.

The Stealth suitcases will be available fall/winter of 2015 and will range in price from $250-$350, depending on size. A three-piece set will be available for $900.

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