InSight Newsletter - July 2015

Insight Newsletter - July 2015

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What does United’s move from JFK to Newark mean to you?
Logo United NewUnited Airlines recently announced that when its lease at JFK expires this October it will be pulling all of its operations out, and moving them to Newark airport. The airline will be exchanging its gates with Delta at both JFK and Newark and consolidating its operations in one place, meaning that Newark becomes an even more important hub.
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Honolulu International Airport - HNL
Honolulu AirportHonolulu International Airport is one of the world’s largest and busiest airports. At over 4,500 acres, it covers more area than all of Waikiki. There are four runways, including the 12,000 foot Reef Runway, which was the first runway in the world built entirely off-shore.

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Delta's Valet Service

Delta logoAirlines are constantly looking for ways to speed up the process of getting passengers onboard the aircraft, and Delta is currently testing a program that they hope will facilitate this.

The complimentary, voluntary program, called Early Valet, involves Delta staff offering passengers in the boarding lounge the opportunity to have their carry-on luggage preloaded on to the aircraft. Bags will be specially tagged, such as you would see at a hotel for room delivery, taken on to the aircraft before boarding, and stowed above the passenger’s seat based on their seat assignment.

The program—which began on June 1st and is expected to end August 31st—is focused on holiday travelers and is available at the country’s busiest airports—Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle, Salt Lake City and New York (JFK and La Guardia). The expectation is that frequent business fliers know how to board and stow their luggage efficiently.

Although some passengers may not wish to be separated from their valuables, such as their laptop and jewellery, it is conceivable that non-valuables be packed in the largest bag and valuables be carried on personally.

It will be interesting to see the results of this test program. There are definite benefits to some passengers, such as those who are traveling with children and those who find it physically challenging to lift their bags into the overhead compartments. It may also be detrimental to those who are traveling with oversized carryon and who end up having to check their bag and pay a fee.

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Burner AppMany of us hesitate to give our mobile number out to total strangers, but there are times when you have no choice. Download the Burner app and that’s no longer an issue. Burner allows you to stay in touch with clients, sign up online and put a phone number in an online ad, such as Craigslist, all without disclosing your personal number.

The app allows you to obtain and manage as many additional phone numbers as you want, thus giving you control over your mobile identity. The numbers can be used for voice, SMS or MMS communications, and you can keep a burner number as long as you want or simply delete it with the touch of button.

This free app is available for both iPhone and Android. Costs for purchasing single or multiple numbers and extending subscription times range from $2-$12.

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