InSight Newsletter - August 2015

InSight Newsletter - August 2015

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American Airlines Retires US Airways Brand for Good
US AirlineMark October 17, 2015 as the day that marks the final disappearance of another U.S. airline.
This is the day that American Airlines retires the U.S. Airways brand for good. Although the intention to merge the two airlines was originally announced on February 14, 2013, the actual merger didn’t occur until December of that year. Since that time, the two carriers have continued to operate as separate entities.
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Louisville – SDF
Airport RushLouisville airport its hub for heavy airfreight, and after a one billion dollar expansion of the airfreight area, it is now the ninth busiest cargo airport in the world. It is also a hub for passengers within a 200-mile radius, and offers non-stop service to over 25 destinations.

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Netflix Coming to Virgin America

Young Woman Working on Laptop on Plane

If you’ve ever wished you could catch up on your binge-watching on Netflix while flying, but have been frustrated at the slow service available onboard your flight, things may be about to change. Airlines are continually working on ways to speed-up inflight Wi-Fi connections and Virgin America is hopeful it has found a way to do just that.

Up until now, the lack of speedy Wi-Fi has been due to the inability of the aircraft to carry the weighty antenna needed to supply it. Now, in partnership with communications company, ViaSat, Virgin America will be able to offer Wi-Fi at speeds eight to ten times faster than any other inflight Wi-Fi currently offered. Powering the service will be a ViaSat’s Ku/Ka dual-band antenna, which, according to Virgin America, “includes the highest-capacity Ka band satellite in the world offering 140 gigabits per second.”

This means that guests can expect internet service similar to what they have at home, and should be able to stream videos from services such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.

The new technology will be trialled on one aircraft, beginning in September, with roll-out continuing in early 2016, to 10 new A320s scheduled for use on the airline’s Hawaii runs. During the trial period, Wi-Fi will be offered free-of-charge to guests with pricing being introduced with the final rollout.

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Allpoint ATM Locator app

allpointFinding an ATM when in an unfamiliar city can sometimes be a challenge. The Allpoint ATM Locator app gives you access to 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint ATM locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the U.K.

You must be a cardholder of a financial institution which participates in Allpoint in order to gain surcharge-free access to these ATMs.

The app uses your device’s geo-locator to find the nearest ATM without you ever entering an address, or you have the option to search by city, state or zip code. Then, simply scroll through the list to find the most convenient location.

The app is available free-of-charge for Apple, Android and Windows devices.


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