InSight Newsletter - September 2015

InSight Newsletter - September 2015

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Getting the Most Out of Conferences & Conventions
Business People Listening to PresentationFor many people, September means back to school, leaves starting to fall and time to start pulling your sweaters out of the back of the closet.  For business travelers, this means the beginning of conference season.  In North America, September and October are the busiest months for conferences and conventions.  Heading out on the road to meet your industry peers while unprepared can be a waste of your time and your company’s money.
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New York LaGuardia - LGA
Airport RushLaGuardia Airport is the smallest of New York City’s three main airports. The airport is subject to a government-imposed perimeter restriction which limits flight to 1,500 miles (except for Saturdays and Denver). It also lacks customs facilities so it is only used for domestic flights or those from airport with US preclearance (like Toronto). The airport has often been in the news for its outdated facilities and VP Biden comparing it to a third world airport. In July 2015 a massive plan was announced the rebuild the entire airport, with construction to begin in summer 2016.

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Delta Operational Performance Commitment

Delta logoWhen choosing an airline for a business trip, most travelers look at price and schedule convenience as the first two criteria. Delta Air Lines is hoping you’ll consider another – operational performance.  Delta has spent much of the past three years substantially improving their operations – in order to complete more flights, on time, with fewer customer complaints.

Delta currently leads the industry in all 3 of those categories, in some cases by a wide margin.  For example, in 2014, Delta had 95 days in which they did not cancel a single flight.  United and American had only 10 days combined.  When flying for business, getting to your meeting on time is critical, so the reliability of the airline should be an increasingly important factor.

Delta is now so confident in the quality of their operations, they are willing to back it up with money.  For companies that have a Corporate Sales Agreement with Delta (a discount agreement for larger companies who spend a certain amount on Delta each year), the airline is providing a guarantee that their on-time arrivals and completion factor will be better than United and American.  If Delta doesn’t achieve that, they will make payments to the company as compensation.

This sounds great – and it is – but Delta doesn’t actually expect to make any payments. Their intent is to keep running a reliable operation, outperforming their competitors, and hope that this encourages more travelers to choose Delta.

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iFind My Car

iFindMyCarHave you ever parked the rental car and can't remember where it is?

iFind My Car will help you by remembering your car location and guiding you back to it. Simply hit the "Pin Car" button when you park your car. When you're ready to return simply hit the "Walk Me" button. The walking directions are the best we have seen in any app. Some other features include a parking timer and a vibrate function when you near your car. Note however, that this app is designed for surface parking lots and not multi-level garages.

Download this app for $0.99 for your iPhone and iPad.


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