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Customer Commitments

  • UNIGLOBE Professionalism - Our People: UNIGLOBE people are certified travel professionals – every UNIGLOBE agent undergoes extensive customer service and quality assurance training.
  • UNIGLOBE Communications Service: UNIGLOBE clients are important to us, your telephone calls will be answered within 10 seconds, you will never be on hold longer than 30 seconds, and we will respond to every inquiry by e-mail, telephone, or fax within the hour or we’ll waive our service fee for your trip.
  • UNIGLOBE Travel Management: Every UNIGLOBE agency can be relied upon to offer a complete range of Travel Management & Leisure Travel Services.
  • UNIGLOBE Quality-Assured Reservations: UNIGLOBE reservations are subject to our multi-point Quality Assurance System for 100% error-free reservations.
  • UNIGLOBE Quality-Assured Documents: UNIGLOBE travel documents and our “no surprises” itinerary info whether electronic or paper, are 100% accurate and “worry free” – subject to our multi-point Quality Assurance Check.
  • UNIGLOBE Best Fare Assurance: UNIGLOBE is committed to researching all appropriate buying channels for “best” fares, including but not limited to GDS fares, web fares, private/contract fares, consolidator fares and UNIGLOBE network fares right up to the day of departure.
  • UNIGLOBE Travel Information Services: UNIGLOBE knows information is the key to controlling travel costs so we will work with you to analyze your needs and requirements in order to provide you with alternatives that will minimize cost and maximize your choice and value.
  • UNIGLOBE Onstream Servicing - New Clients: Within their first month with us, every new UNIGLOBE client will be offered our exclusive Onstream Servicing Program.
  • UNIGLOBE Ongoing Client Servicing: Every client's experience with us is important - so we closely monitor our performance for every client with our customized "Complete Customer Care" program.
  • UNIGLOBE Service Recovery - Complaints Resolution: We will resolve any complaint about our services and respond to any complaint about the service of a UNIGLOBE Preferred Supplier within 48 hours.
UNIGLOBE Five Star Travel
3355 Lenox Rd NE
Suite 750
Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone: 404 231-TRIP (8747)
Fax: 404 231 5682

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