InSight Newsletter - February 2013

Mixing Business with Pleasure

With Valentine's Day just around the corner you may be conspiring to surprise that special someone. But wait, you've just noticed you have a business trip planned for the second week of February. What now? Why not tack on a couple extra days away and bring along your loved one to make a mini getaway out of it.

Scheduling time for yourself and significant other to take a holiday can be tough on a good day; with hectic work schedules, demanding jobs and bills to pay. More and more often business travelers are looking to make more of their work trips by adding on some leisure time.

Welcome To Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok, Thailand (BKK)
The Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand is growing fast; the airport saw 51,462,000 passengers last year alone. It should be no surprise that the airport authority have expansion plans on the go. In April, phase two will be assigned to the winning bid and construction will take place from May 2013 to February 2014. In the mean time here are tips on navigating the current airport, recommend dining options and suggestions on how to pass the time while on a long layover.

>> More about about the Airport: Getting Around, Relaxing, Dining and Wifi

Booked on a 787?
Commercial aviation’s newest aircraft, the Boeing 787, has made headlines for its dramatic fuel savings, more comfortable cabin pressure and humidity and larger windows.  Many of the new features are owed to its carbon-fibre fuselage (traditional airframes are made of aluminum).  Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, the aircraft has been making headlines due to a series batteries overheating and in one case, catching fire.

The entire global fleet of 787s has been grounded by safety authorities while the issue is investigated.  No one yet knows when they’ll be back in the air, but there is little expectation that it will be before the end of February (as of January 31, authorities still don’t know the cause of the problem).  So, what are airlines doing about the grounding and why are you still seeing the 787 listed in flight displays?

Airlines like United, which has 6 of the 787 aircraft, are proactively substituting different aircraft on the routes where the 787 was scheduled to fly.  In our recent searches, it appears that they making the substitutions for flights within 2-3 weeks.  So, if you look for a late February flight from LA to Tokyo on United, you might see it scheduled on the 787.

Your instinct may be to avoid that flight, but we’ve seen that United has been replacing the 787 with the larger 777, which means that no passengers should be displaced by the aircraft substitution. Do note however, that your reserved seat may change in the process.

Fender-Bender Helper

Finding yourself in a fender-bender is never a pleasant experience; even a minor collision disrupts your day and causes added stress. While in the midst of coming to terms with the damage to the car and sorting out your location in a foreign city it can be easy to forget some crucial details which will be required for your insurance claim.

The iWrecked app is an auto accident assistant that prompts you for the necessary information and assists you in capturing the time and location of the mishap, as well as pictures of the damage, contact information of the other driver, witnesses and more. Then the program packages the information up in a PDF file. You can also find nearby taxi and/or towing services. iWrecked is available on iTunes and the Play Store.


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