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Salt Lake City International (SLC)

Salt Lake City International Airport is one of Delta’s hubs and one the country’s more reliable airports in terms of on-time ratings. In fact, considering it geography and typical snowfall, the airport’s reliability is even more impressive.  Their claim to fame: They've actually won awards for snow removal!

Getting Around: The airport is configured with 5 concourses (A-E), all connected, walkable and with good signage. Delta occupies C, D and E with a few flights out of B while all other airlines are in A and B. The two farthest points are no more than about 15 minute’s walk apart.  If you're departing the E gates (used for many of the regional flights) the waiting area can get a little crowded, and after you pass the gate agent there is a long walk down a covered outside walkway to get to the plane.

Relaxing: There is not a lot to do in the SLC airport.  However, just walking around, you'll see amazing views of the local mountains, especially on the connector walkway between Concourse C and D. As is common in many airports today, there is a rotating art exhibit throughout the airport, but SLC had enhanced that with a self-guided tour through a serious of signs with QR codes to provide you more information about each exhibit.

Dining: In the past, dining choices at SLC were quite limited for an airport of its size. Most of the dining selections are still typical fast food, but some new outlets have opened including Cat Cora’s Kitchen in Concourse B. Long-time fixture Squatters Pub in the C concourse has a decent selection of locally brewed beers.

WiFi: Free WiFi is available throughout the airport using SLCAirport.wifi.


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