Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW)



*Map of Dallas-Fort Worth Airportb via DART

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport is American Airline’s primary hub and one of the busiest airports in the world. Due to its central location within the country and American’s substantial presence, it is estimated that 60% of passengers at DFW are connecting.
Here’s what you need to know about Dallas-Fort Worth Airport:

Getting Around: DFW has five horseshoe-shaped terminals (and a footprint for a future sixth terminal) with pairs of terminals facing each other with the airport access road bisecting them.  American has flights operating from all five terminals, with exclusive use of Terminals A, B and C.  All other US carriers are in Terminal E, while international airlines operate from Terminal D.  Terminals A, B, C and D have connecting walkways – but due to the shape of the Terminals and the placement of the walkways, it can be quite a distance for connecting passengers.  For faster connections, there is an inter-terminal train that has two stops at each terminal and takes nine minutes between the two farthest points.

Relaxing: There is a unique aspect to the DFW art program with a series of 16 mosaic floor medallions located throughout the terminals.  For those with a long layover, DFW is one of an increasing number of US airports with a micro-hotel operating inside the airport terminal (behind security).  Minute Suites has two locations at DFW, near gates A38 and D23.

Dining: North Texas favorite Twisted Root has a location near gate 25.  Serving creative burgers and shakes, this is a place to indulge.  For another Dallas original, try Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse near gate E13 for the best selection of Texas barbecue meats. While most of the restaurants at DFW have healthy options or alternatives, this isn’t an airport that seems to have a lot healthy restaurants.  Your best bet is UFood Grill near gate B40 where nothing on the menu is fried.

WiFi: Unlimited free wifi is available using networks att-24 or attwifi. You must provide your email address to access the wifi.


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