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Tips for Staying Healthy on a Business Trip


Business trips aren’t known for being bastions of healthy living. Between late nights, room service, and required client entertainment there are plenty of ways to wreck a diet and little time for physical activity.

We turned to business travel expert Road Warriorette for some tips staying healthy on the road.

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Frankfurt Airport (FRA)


Despite being only the fourth busiest airport in Europe (behind Heathrow, Paris and Amsterdam), Frankfurt holds the distinction of having service to the most non-stop destinations.  The hub for Lufthansa has service from over 90 other airlines to almost 300 destinations in almost 100 countries. Here’s what you need to know about Frankfurt Airport:

>> Here’s what you need to know about Frankfurt Airport


Delta Tests Biometric Bag Drop at MSP

As part of its push toward a goal of improving passenger experiences through technology, Delta has launched four biometric self-service checked-bag drops at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. The machines will be equipped with facial-recognition software that verifies a customer’s identity by matching their face to their passport photo.

These stations will allow people to check in for their flight, deposit their baggage, and head to security without interacting with a Delta agent. They are designed for passengers traveling with their passports, while those traveling with other forms of identification will utilize traditional bag drops with agents.

Studies have shown that self-service machines can potentially serve twice as many customers per hour as a kiosk manned by an agent. Delta is evaluating customer feedback from the trial to determine if the self-service kiosks will be rolled out more widely in the future.

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Tile Mate


Never lose your phone, luggage keys or whatever else again, hopefully!

When you're constantly on the move or rushing from one meeting to the next there is no time to search for keys or laptops. The Tile Mate Key Finder is a best-selling Bluetooth chip that can be attached to anything you do not want to lose.

The obvious uses would be to loop the chip onto your keychain, or tuck it into your luggage. But you can also hide it under your bicycle seat to track it in case of theft, or even under your care to avoid losing it in large airport parking lots.

Tile Mate has a one-year battery life and does not require charging. If you lose you phone you can press the button on the tile which will make your phone ring, even if it's on silent. 

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