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How to Choose a Carry-On Suitcase


For frequent business travelers choosing the right carry-on is critical. There are a number of features to consider, some that apply to everyone and others that are about personal preference.

We consulted with business travel expert Road Warriorette to find out the best way to choose a carry-on suitcase.

>>Here's what you need to know


Narita International Airport

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Narita International Airport, which also goes by Tokyo Narita Airport, is Japan’s primary international airport. It is located 27 miles east of central Tokyo. Delta Air Lines uses Narita as an Asian hub, allowing them to connect into many destinations within Asia. However, due to changes in both aviation treaties and aircraft technology, they will increasingly shift flights from Narita – either to Haneda Airport closer to downtown Tokyo or to fly directly to more destinations in Asia from the US, bypassing Narita.

>> Here’s what you need to know about Narita International Airport


Delta offers free in-flight mobile messaging

Recently Delta airlines announced it will offer free mobile messaging during flights. They are the first major US airline to do so. The free messaging will be available on flights enabled with Gogo wifi, including all planes with two or more cabins.

Customers are able to send real-time messages to colleagues, friends, and family on the ground using iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. They will be able to access free messaging through Delta’s wifi portal. The service will allow passengers to use text messaging only, and will not support any files or photos.

This complimentary service will be especially helpful for business travelers, allowing them to be productive in-flight without any additional charges to their company. They can also immediately apprise co-workers of any delays or issues they encounter in transit, enabling any disruptions to the workday to be managed as smoothly as possible.

Learn more about Delta's in-flight wifi here.

Delta free messaging


Mobile Passport

mobile passport

U.S citizens and Canadians flying into the United States can now download an app that will speed up the time it takes to get through customs. Mobile Passport is a mobile app that is approved by the U.S Customs and Border Protection. It allows travelers to create a profile that includes uploading passport information.

When travelers arrive in the States they will be prompted to answer a series of questions through the Mobile Passport app including uploading a self-photo. Essentially app users will be able to complete CBP inspection questions and by-pass kiosk line ups. Travelers with the app will need to show their passport and digital bar-coded receipt to CBP to finalize entrance into the united states.

There are currently 24 U.S international airports and one sea port where U.S citizens and Canadian visitors are able to use MPC. For more information click here.




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