Mixing Business with Pleasure

Mixing Business with Pleasure
With Valentine's Day just around the corner you may be conspiring to surprise that special someone. But wait, you've just noticed you have a business trip planned for the second week of February. What now? Why not tack on a couple extra days away and bring along your loved one to make a mini getaway out of it.
Scheduling time for yourself and significant other to take a holiday can be tough on a good day; with hectic work schedules, demanding jobs and bills to pay. More and more often business travelers are looking to make more of their work trips by adding on some leisure time.

First things first, check your corporate policy

Before making plans to book an extra ticket for your plus one, be sure to consult your travel policy; it is important to ensure you are adhering to company guidelines. If you are lucky you may discover that your policy covers some expenses for a companion, especially if your trip is over 14 days. However, bear in mind that many policies do not pay out any extra expenses for a companion. Either way, always check with your travel manager before booking your business-leisure trip.

What about the Kids?

It really depends on the destination and the availability of childcare. Nowadays more companies are recognizing the desire and need for workers to take along their children.  Businesses can now team up with organizations such as Kiddie Corp to offer on-site childcare at meetings, events and conventions.

Tell us about your family's interests and the ages of your children so we can suggest the best hotels and resorts, including properties with pools and special children’s programs, the best airlines (certain airline lounges now have dedicated areas catering to kids and teens) and we can upgrade your executive suite to something more suitable, with room enough for your family and your laptop and paperwork.

Work First, Play Later

Generally speaking, it’s wise to put work first and plan to enjoy your leisure time afterwards, when you’ll be ready for a rest. This will allow you to use work time to prepare for your business meeting and then open up your vacation days to fully kick back and enjoy your destination. However, it is always best to discuss your plans with your UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant as there may be ways to arrange your trip to save your company money - which often leads to discounts on your personal expenses. Consider this, if there is a minimum stay requirement that will result in a lower airfare, you can make a request to your employer to discount personal travel expeditures.

Be sure to set resonable expectations

Let your significant other know that this is a business trip first and your priority is to get work done. If you can, when you see breaks in the schedule, make dates. Go out and explore the city’s fun restaurants, take walks, or just hang out in the room. You may also be able to bring your loved one to a work function, such as cocktail party or a dinner, but they should be prepared to mingle; however, there will be times that events are only for staff. Flexibility is key and when your partner knows what to expect, you can make a game plan that fits you both.

Remember, business travel doesn't have to be all business all the time!

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