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In today's climate of global risks, ensuring the safety of travelers and employees traveling on business or on long-term work assignments is a fundamental requirement of corporate travel management's Duty of Care responsibilities for their employees.

The Travel Advisory and its corresponding Travel Alerts and Travel Tracker databases are comprehensive sources of current "travel risk management" information intended to protect the integrity of the itinerary and the safety of the traveler .

The Travel Safety and Security Program includes:

Travel Advisories
The personalized Travel Advisory, is designed to provide travelers with 30 categories. Know before you go information offers the traveller access to information that could affect the quality of their travel while they are away from home.

Travel Alerts
An Alert is any event in the world such as terrorism, civil unrest, transportation or weather disruptions that could affect a traveller's itinerary or safety.  Events are added to the Alerts database 7/24 from worldwide sources "pushed" by private and public industry sources, and by monitoring many government travel warning sites, private websites and public news services in every sector of the world.

Travel Tracker
The Travel Tracker provides travel, security and management with a single snapshot of travellers and employees at risk around the world enabling multinational organizations to monitor and assess global risks to their travelling employees and facilities.  Combining country travel risk ratings with real-time threats, you can quickly display the number of travellers at risk within each of the three levels of Alerts (Warning, Caution and Disaster) and travellers can be contacted and advised accordingly.


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