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If you've ever slept through your alarm, your taxi was late, the traffic was a nightmare, you misread your itinerary, it's suddenly painfully obvious that you're about to miss your flight. By the time you arrive at the airport, the airline has declared you a no-show. You'll likely be charged a penalty for changing your ticket and you'll have to wait in line and suffer the consequences as check-in agents try to accommodate you on a later flight. Worse, if you booked your own flight through a discount website or consolidator, it may come with so many restrictions that absolutely no changes or refunds are allowed.

Book your trip through your UNIGLOBE agency and you have options. As soon as you suspect you're not going to make it to the airport on time, call us or call our UNIGLOBE Rescue Line. After quickly reviewing the fare you paid, your frequent flyer status and the airline's policy on ticket refunds, your agent can instantly book you a new flight. You'll avoid the long waits and uncertainty of dealing with check-in agents at the airport.

Our UNIGLOBE Rescue Line is a toll-free service available to clients who are either en-route internationally and need assistance, or who require our services outside our office hours.  Our service is an extension of our business staff with senior consultants available to assist you with access to your travel profile and reservations.

The UNIGLOBE Rescue Line includes:

  • World-wide 24-hour toll free assistance from more than 80 countries
  • Assistance with new air, car and hotel reservations as well as changes and cancellations for existing itineraries
  • Available for travellers with international needs while en-route
  • Collect calling from countries without toll-free or no-charge service
  • Leave-behind itineraries for family and co-workers so they can reach you in an emergency

Travel knowing you are protected against changes and unforeseen circumstances.  Contact us today for complete details.


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