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Travellers, travel arrangers and travel approvers using UNIGLOBE Five Star Travels Online e-Travel Portal can now download Amadeus Mobile Partner (AMP) application for iPhone®, as well as Blackberry® and Windows® and Android enabled devices. AMP provides users with benefits at all stages of the journey.

Key features of Amadeus Mobile Partner are:

  • Amadeus Mobile PartnerTravellers can access their itineraries and check the details at any time from their mobile device
  • Trips can be put on hold and send for approval whilst on the move
  • Approvers can see all trips or travel choices in an instant. Fast acceptance or rejection makes the whole process more efficient
  • Quick and convenient access even without network availability

Available for: iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 , Android       

Download link: In Online Travel Portal, go to the "Service Tools" section (available on the top-right corner of home page) and click on “Download Amadeus Mobile Partner”.

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