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Sticking to healthy habits while at home can be tough, but soon as you hit the road (or the air) those healthy rules often go out the window. It can be even harder when traveling for business as you now have extended hours on a plane, a chaotic schedule and long meetings. By taking a few minutes to plan ahead and prepare to make wise choices you can keep you body (and brain) at its peak performance.

What can I do to prepare ahead of time?

It is a good idea to have some satisfying snacks on hand in case you can't find a healthy option. Pack popcorn, sliced vegetables and fruit, or granola bars made from natural ingredients. While on board your flight or during a layover opt for trail mix as a snack. Any of these healthy treats are good to have on hand to curb your sweet tooth when faced with a platter of pastries in a boardroom. If you do find yourself tempted by conference goodies, choose fresh fruit, this will help you avoid the sugar crash later.

What are some good options while eating out or on a plane?

When at the airport without anything nutritious to munch on opt for a deli sandwich on multi-grain made with lean meat and go easy on the spreads. Better yet choose a salad filled with veggies drizzled in a vinaigrette dressing. When choosing a soup, clear broth based ones are often the best option. Even the most tempting bakeries will have a healthier option such as a whole grain bagel with light cream cheese.

What type of services do hotels offer other than an exercise room to help me stay fit?

Many hotels are recognizing the importance to offer further fitness alternatives to a tiny gym. Ask your hotel concierge if they have running map. Many will be able to recommend a good route for a jog. Some hotels even offer bicycles for guests to use. This can be a great way to see the city and get some exercise. If the weather in your destination isn't going to be conducive to outdoor activities, take a look ahead of time to see what fitness studios are nearby and what classes are offered during your stay.

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